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order gabapentin online Graphics and Web Design with Instructional Touch

Personal Background


Background in the Arts

I started my creative career in fine artist as a painter.  During the 90s I soon realized that all most everything was going to the internet so I choose the Web and Multimedia program at the Art Institute.

Current Focus on instruction and communications

After years in web and graphic, I found an interest in using these skills to teach and communicate. I next step was enrolling in the Instructional Design and Technology Master's of Science program at Walden University where I graduated with a 4.0 in 2011.  Since then I have worked as a remote contractor on varies instructional design contracts with USAID and Cisco Networks.  I have also worked with small businesses that requested graphic and web design.

What's Next

Considering the next phase of my career to specialize in instructional technology within k-12 education.